Fake gold bars

Oct 01 2012

Jewelry merchants in New York City are finding out they have to be more careful that they’re not inadvertently buying fake gold. When merchant Ibrahim Fadl drilled into several of the gold bars he’d bought from a regular source, he discovered they were actually filled with gray tungsten. For merchants like Fadl, it’s a costly […]

Fake Cars in China

Sep 28 2012

The Chinese have gotten good at counterfeiting merchandise , even automobiles now! Fake cars are often spotted in China, fake cars including BWMs, even fake Ferrari! Some who can’t pay for the real thing choose to fake it. The cars look just like the real deal. The labels are the only thing thats changed. The […]

Fake Art

Sep 24 2012

John Myatt tried to be an honest man. A gifted artistic mimic, he originally offered his paintings for sale with the tagline “Genuine fakes.” However, his collaboration with John Drew led him into criminality when Drew found he could re-sell the paintings for up to £25,000. So began what has been called “the biggest art […]

Italian police arrest fake airline pilot

Sep 24 2012

A man who posed as an airline pilot and traveled in the cockpit of at least one plane was arrested in Turin Airport using forged identity cards and wearing a pilot’s uniform, Italian police said on Saturday. The 32-year-old, whose real name was not released, allegedly created a fake identity as a Lufthansa pilot named […]

Original Hyper Fake

Sep 22 2012

In China there is an entire village of artist that make  fake paintings. These are not  counterfeits .  They are painted by hand, with artistic freedom in the artiest style, it is much more interesting than a duplication of the original. The village is called Da Fen Oil Painting Village  in Buji, Longgang, Shenzhen. Here […]